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Gum Disease Treatment & Hygeine.

Your ongoing hygiene and addressing gum disease is the most important work done in our clinic. Maintaining good oral health saves many teeth and gives you the chance to keep your smile for life.

The most likely reason to lose a tooth is from periodontal disease (gum disease). This is where the bacteria in your mouth destroys the gum and bone which holds the tooth in place. The gum begins to recede, then the tooth becomes loose and eventually needs to be extracted. Causes include plaque and bacteria accumulation, smoking, clenching and grinding, and is also linked to various medical issues.

Conservative treatment: Involves comprehensive instruction in oral hygiene techniques, periodontal charting involving measurements of pocket depths, full mouth x’rays and the use of hand and sonic instruments that are placed between the gum and tooth surfaces.

Surgical treatment: Involves administering local anaesthesia prior to using our hand and sonic instruments to clean bacteria that is brewing under the gums. Inflamed and infected gum tissue will be removed, and the root surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned. Laser treatment involves removal of the dead gum cells to promote growth of a new cell layer. The administration of antibiotics and antiseptics may form part of this treatment.

Unforeseen conditions may call for a modification or change from the anticipated plan. This may include, but is not limited to the extraction of severely diseased teeth to enhance healing of adjacent teeth.

A healing period of 3 months is given and another professional hygiene clean appointment is organised. Smoking or alcohol intake may adversely affect gum healing and may limit the successful outcome of surgery. It is important that patients abide by specific prescriptions and instructions.

The Principal Risks and Potential Complications

A small number of patients do not respond successfully to periodontal treatment. Due to individual patient differences there remains some risk of treatment failure, relapse, additional treatment, or even worsening of the present condition, including loss of certain teeth, despite the best of care.

There may be a need for a second procedure if the initial results are not satisfactory or if there is relapse due to poor oral hygiene or if any habits or underlying risk factors are not dealt with.

In addition, the success of periodontal procedures can be affected by medical conditions, stress, dietary and nutritional problems, smoking, alcohol consumption, clenching, grinding of teeth, inadequate oral hygiene, and/or medications.

Home maintenance is the key to success along with regular prescribed hygiene and examination appontments. As the inflamed and infected gums heal, they may recede to a new healthy level. Each appointment is spaced 2-3weeks as the teeth may be sensitive after treatment. Duration of sensitivity varies between individuals

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Our 30-year experience in Dentistry and our extensive continuing professional development (CPD) and education in the various.


Our 30-year experience in Dentistry and our extensive continuing professional development (CPD). Our 30-year experience in Dentistry and our extensive continuing professional development (CPD) and education in the various.

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Common Questions.

We have compiled a few general questions relating to Gum Disease Treatment & Hygeine, if you have a question of your own please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Any FAQs?

Any FAQs?


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