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Practice Philosophy

Alpha Dental and Implant Centre prides itself on being a family owned and run practice nestled in the heart of Prospect. We treat our patients as we would treat our family.
Alpha Dental & Implant Centre Team

At Alpha Dental and Implant Centre, it is our goal to offer a holistic approach and treat each patient according to their individual needs with respect and integrity, taking into consideration their dental, social, cultural, emotional and financial requirements.

Our practice was formed in 1986 by Dr Paul Toumazos and has served the Prospect community for nearly 35 years. He has been joined by his two sons, Dr Theophilos (Phil) Toumazos, and Dr Dimitri Toumazos as well as our  Oral Health Therapist, Cass.

It has been a pleasure for our clinicians and staff to see our patients returning over many years. We have preserved and cared for our patients teeth and wellbeing, witnessed our treatments last successfully for many years and watched their families grow. In many cases we have 3 generations within a family all attending our clinic.

Our dentists and hygienists have a true passion for their profession and love furthering their knowledge through professional development courses. This love is what allows our practice to have the skillset to offer high quality treatment options.

Treatments in our clinic include: All general dentistry, Implant treatment, Bone and gum grafting procedures, Periodontal (Gum disease) treatment, Orthodontics (Braces), Wisdom tooth extraction, Sleep apnoea and headache management,

We intend to continue serving the community of prospect for many years to come and make sure we remain at the forefront of technology and science when we treat our patients.

We are committed to making your dental experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible, Expect to be treated with professionalism and as one of our own family.

For your individual dental needs, please contact us to make an appointment.

Ph: (08) 82693311

Fun Fact:

The main purpose of flossing is to reduce plaque and food debris build-up in between the teeth. This is very important to keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent cavities and some gum problems e.g. gingivitis