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Everyday life can be hard enough on our teeth let alone physical sports. A custom made mouthguard is the best way to protect your teeth while keeping active.

Our in-house lab will fit of your mouthguard specific to you making it more comfortable, limiting the chance of it falling out and much easier to talk with when compared to non-fitted mouthguards (Boil-and-bite, stock mouthguards).

This involves:

  1. An appointment to take an impression of your upper teeth and for you to select your desired colour.
  2. Your Mouthguard will be completed and ready for use within a week.

Alpha Dental and Implant Centre has been associated with multiple sporting associations in South Australia, offering our services to their athletes.

If your Sports club could benefit from our custom made mouthguards, please contact  or call our clinic on (08) 82693311 for more information.


Walkerville Football Club

North Adelaide Football Club

Common Questions.

We have compiled a few general questions relating to Wisdom Teeth, if you have a question of your own please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

How many appointments are involved?

Two appointments, the first being to take a CBCT (3D X-ray) to assess the exact position of the teeth in relation to important anatomical structures. The second being the removal of the wisdom teeth.

When is the best time to remove?

This depends on variety of factors:

  • Current location of wisdom teeth
  • How developed the teeth are i.e root formation
  • Does the current space allow for the wisdom teeth to come through in the mouth normally

Fun Fact:

Generally foods and drinks that are high in sugar and acid are harmful to tooth enamel. Acidic foods and drinks (soft drinks, citric juices, sports drinks) can cause tooth erosion while high sugar content is more likely to contribute to tooth decay (cavities).