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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment used to treat and save a tooth that is infected. During a root canal procedure, the pulp (nerve and blood supply) is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Without treatment, the bone and gums surrounding the tooth will become infected and abscesses may form. Root canal treatment is usually completed over a period of three appointments.
Root canal treatment nerve

Upon successful completion of the root canal treatment, the tooth can be brittle and more likely to fracture. A crown (Link with crown tab) is then recommended to strengthen the tooth and reduce the likelihood of fracture.

Symptoms which usually require Root Canal Treatment:

  1. Toothache
  2. Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold
  3. Pain on biting
  4. Abscess or swelling near a tooth
  5. Facial swelling
  6. Dark tooth
Root canal treatment nerve

Fun Fact:

Generally foods and drinks that are high in sugar and acid are harmful to tooth enamel. Acidic foods and drinks (soft drinks, citric juices, sports drinks) can cause tooth erosion while high sugar content is more likely to contribute to tooth decay (cavities).